Cotton is a part of our daily life. It can be used for clothing, bedding, and more. It is extremely comfortable.
“Quality is never an accident. It’s always the result of high intention. It represents the wise choice of many alternatives”
Garments sewing quality is the result of applying various skills and techniques to create a well-fitted, durable, and attractive garment. Garments sewing quality is a rewarding and enjoyable hobby that can express one’s personality and creativity.
Jute is known for its strength, durability and Eco-friendliness, jute has wide applications like packaging, textiles, jute is a sustainable fabric that can contribute to the environmental and social well-being of the world.


What We Offer

We provide our customers with a complete, end to end and comprehensive buying solution from supplier sourcing, product development, price negotiation, merchandising follow-up, in-house technical support, production planning, in line and final inspection up to the completion of shipping documents.

Our Strength

Quality assurance:
Our expatriate manager heads a highly motivated team of pro-active quality controllers. Every day they conduct a full garment quality control on site, including control of fabrics and trims. Final inspection goes from AQL 1 to 2.5, according to each customer requirements.
At any time, our expatriate compliance auditor can provide you with an updated database of our pool of factories.
Material sourcing:
Each season, upon receiving customers fashion trends, color ranges, shopping samples, we source fabrics and trims and suggest new ideas inspired by international textile fairs as well as based on local sourcing.
Quality Inspection
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Our Products


All Kinds of Circular Knit Product
Tee Shirt, Polo Shirt
Fleece, etc.


Tops and Bottoms in light weight &
heavy weight


Sustainable Denims …..


High Fashion and Exclusive yarn materials

Home Textile

Bed Sheets, Terry Towel etc


We do all kinds of Jacket Item Like Padding, Non-Padding, Fleece, etc.


We do all kinds of Underwear Items…..

Our Services

24/7 customer service

Contact us at any time of day and we will be available. Even in person.

Carefully selected producers

Our sister factories are picked to guarantee transparency and consistency.

Top quality products

We promise quality apparel at made in Italy quality, no matter the source.

Consistent standards

We will not fail to meet the standards you require across the product range.

Competitive prices

We will find the best prices for you while never compromising on quality.

Expert quality control team

Experience, efficiency and meticulousness. These are the skills the we offer.

Company at a glance

Establishment Year
Qualified Staff

Message From CEO

Md. Giash Uddin, CEO

“I am proud to share that I have 25 years of working experience in the readymade garments industry. During this time, I have worked with many world famous brands that manufacture their products in Bangladesh, such as GAP, Columbia, Mark & Spencer, MANGO, Walmart, Superdry, Levi’s, Nike, Converse, Lacoste, Under Armour and Esprit. I have also worked with high-fashion brands like READYMADE and Inditex, the world’s top readymade clothing company by market value. I have learned a lot from these brands and have developed my skills and expertise in this field. I am passionate about creating quality garments that meet the needs and expectations of customers around the world. I am confident that I can contribute to the growth and success of any readymade garment buyers with my experience and professionalism.”

Clients Satisfaction